Surface Grinding

Our surface grinding department adds to our ability to process a variety of parts completely. This includes holding squareness and perpendicularity of parts that have been ground on other machines, for example, liners that have had one face ground.

Materials for Surface Grinding
Most parts ground on a surface grinder need to have some magnetic properties and a flat surface in order to be ground. Parts are held down by a strong magnet. Occassionally parts with little or no magnetic properties can be either clamped or "blocked-in" in order to be ground. Doing this is not common practice. If you are looking for an alternative solution feel free to call us. For further information please contact us to discuss your surface grinding requirements.

Surface Grinding Capacities

  • Kent Surface Grinder
  • surface
  • SIZE
  • maximum length: 20" maximum height: 12" minimum height : .100"
  • 16 Rmax .0005"
  • alloy steels stainless (with magnetic properties) tool steel
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