Absolute Precision Grinding

Absolute Grinding is an experienced provider of cylindrical precision grinding services for a variety of industries. We specialize in CNC universal, internal, external, surface, honing and centerless grinding. Whether you need 1 piece ground or 10,000 we offer competitive pricing to keep your manufacturing budget on target.

We provide grinding for many different types of parts and materials. Our quality department and years of grinding experience ensure your parts of ground on size, meet finish requirements, and are round and concentric.

  • cylinders
  • bearing housings
  • frontheads
  • pistons
  • bushings
  • barrels
  • liners
  • shafts
  • spools
  • valve bodies

"I wanted to say thank you for all that you and Absolute do. Your company is an invaluable part of the process of what we do."
        - Robert - VP

"To our valued supplier, please see your evaluation score card..."
A supplier score of 80 falls into the very good range.
        - Beth C. - Purchaser

"...there have been few if any quality issues. And, that is something that we continue to strive for."
        - Jim - Scheduler

"...thanks for successfully processing all the barrels our customer needed in an extremely shortened lead time situation."
        - Bill - CEO

Our Studer CNC cylindrical grinding machines offer precision and flexibility to meet complex internal and external grinding requirements.

Our precision Centerless Grinding Department can handle both in-feed and thru-feed centerless processes for diameters up to 4.250 inches.

Our Internal & External Grinding departments offer additional cost effective capabilities in conjunction with our CNC cylindrical grinding machines.

Absolute Grinding includes a Honing Department with the ability to hold close tolerances on holes that are not capable of being ground by traditional internal grinding methods.

Our Surface Grinding Department completes our ability to complete all grinding processes our customers require.

Our ISO 9001 compliant Quality Control Department at Absolute Grinding helps to ensure that we accurately meet size and finish requirements.

If you are looking for a reliable precision grinding service built on quality and experience, Absolute Grinding is here to meet those expectations.