Precision Honing

Our honing department gives our customers another option for fast affordable grinding of I.D parts which are too small for traditional internal grinding techniques. Our Sunnen MBC-1802 power stroking auto-sizing hone can handle short as well as long production runs economically. We can handle parts with internal diameters as small as .185" up to 1.5". Depending on material and surface finish requirements, different stone materials can be used to meet your manufacturing specifications.

Thru-Hole and Blind-Hole Honing
We are able to handle thru-hole and blind-hole honing. Blind-hole parts as large as 1.5" and up to 8.5" in length can be honed. Diameters as small as .150" can also be accommodated. Surface finish requirements as low as 6 Micro can also be held with honing.

Honing Capacities

  • Sunnen MBC-1802 Hone
  • thru-feed hole blind-hole
  • SIZE
  • maximum length: 8" (thru-feed) 8.5" (blind-hole) maximum ID: 2" (thru-feed) 1.5" (blind-hole) minimum ID : .150"
  • 8 Rmax .0003"
  • alloy steels aluminum stainless steel tool steel
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