C.N.C. Universal Cylindrical Grinding

Absolute Grinding currently encorporates the use of five CNC machines, with 3 different types of Studer CNC cylindrical precision grinders. Studer machines are some of the finest in the industry. The machines are capable of holding tolerances as low as .000050". The conversational programming makes set-up times quick, which translates into savings for our customers.

Studer S31 CNC
The S31, with it's infinite 'B'axis, Fanuc 16i control system and pictogramming software, gives us the capability to create complex wheel forms and follow complex grinding paths. We can also control all wheel surface speeds and part r.p.m.'s With two O.D. wheels, one of which is mounted on a 30° angle, and an I.D. spindle, the infinite B axis makes it possible to grind O.D.'s, I.D.'s, faces, angles, and radius grinds in one operation, making it possible to hold concentricity and perpendicularity to incredibly close tolerances.

Studer S36 CNC
Our S36cnc Universal Grinder, with a Fanuc 16 TB control system, can run both I.D and O.D work. With continuous path control over dressing and profiling of the grinding wheel, automatic grinding and dressing cycles, and a swivel range of the wheelhead of ± 8.5°, this machine is capable of grinding complex work paths, including negative and positive tapers, contours. In addition, a length positioning feeler allows us to hold close tolerances on length as well.

Studer S35 CNC
Our S35 Universal Grinder and two S35 CNC external grinders are equipped with user friendly programming, and have incredibly quick set-up and switch-over times.

We take pride at Absolute Grinding in our years of experience and knowledge of the precision grinding process, along with the productivity of our Studer universal CNC grinding machines, that we can offer our customers the best and most cost effective solutions for all their precision grinding challenges.

CNC Cylindrical Grinding Capacities

  • Universal Studer S31 Universal Studer S36 Universal Studer S35 External Studer S35 (2)
  • internal external universal cylindrical B-axis
  • SIZE
  • length between centers: 40" maximum grind length: 21" maximum OD : 13"
    maximum length ID : 7" maximum ID : 6" minimum ID : .312"
  • 4 Rmax .0001"
  • alloy steels aluminum brass stainless steel tool steel
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